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LDPE Granules

AVH Polychem stands out as a highly-skilled LDPE Granules Supplier. We offer a comprehensive range of low-density polyethylene granules. Our products include virgin, natural, colored, film grade, off-grade, and white variants of LDPE. Our team ensures timely delivery and logistic compliance. We are renowned for our expertise and decades of industry experience.

Our LDPE plastic granules are prized for their efficiency and temperature resistance. Thus making them ideal for various applications such as packaging and wire insulation. We exert a strong focus on quality. AVH Polychem has earned the trust and support of its customers through reliable and compliant trade practices. Our team adheres strictly to industry standards for excellence.

Applications of LDPE Granules


AVH Polychem’s LDPE resins cater to diverse packaging needs. Its application spans from food, medical, and cosmetics to industrial sectors. Our LDPE granules are pivotal in crafting flexible films and sheets. They are widely employed in food packaging for their exceptional moisture resistance, chemical durability, and cold tolerance. They also find utility in non-food packaging like pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Healthcare and Hygiene

AVH Polychem offers tailored LDPE plastic granules/ resins to meet the rigorous standards of medical-grade applications. Our LDPE’s non-toxicity, flexibility, and sterilization compatibility make it indispensable in medical packaging. Plus they are also used in disposable gloves, tubing, and medical devices. Additionally, they offer comfort criteria for baby diapers. Our LDPE granules ensure safety and reliability for all healthcare-related products.


Our low-density polyethylene granules/ resins provide versatility and resilience in agricultural applications. It is often utilized in greenhouse films, animal feed storage, and micro irrigation systems. LDPE granules contribute to agricultural films. They help regulate temperature, suppress weeds and retain moisture. Plus, they also safeguard crops against pests and diseases. Thus, improving agricultural productivity across industry.


As one of the leading LDPE granules traders, AVH Polychem offer LDPE resins optimized for high-speed production. Our low-density polyethylene granules are ideal for efficient labeling processes across various industries.

Building Materials

AVH Polychem’s LDPE plastic granules excel in a range of construction applications. This includes geomembranes, pressure pipes, and artificial turf. They offering unmatched durability and performance. Our LDPE granules are instrumental in crafting impermeable geomembranes. They are vital for lining landfills, ponds, and canals to prevent leakage and contamination. This is because our LDPE offers exceptional chemical resistance and flexibility.

Consumer Goods

LDPE granules play a crucial role in manufacturing a diverse range of consumer goods. This includes toys, squeeze bottles, household containers, and carry bags. Our low-density polyethylene granules are renowned for their lightweight, durable, and moldable nature. Our LDPE granules ensure the production of high-quality consumer products. Simultaneously, they meet various industrial needs.

Electrical Insulation

The products offered by AVH Polychem, a leading ldpe granules trader, serve as an ideal insulating material for electrical wires and cables. Our low-density polyethylene granules offer outstanding dielectric properties. Additionally, they also provide flexibility, and resistance to moisture and chemicals. They are trusted for their reliability. Our LDPE granules contribute to safe and efficient electrical installations across various applications.

Low-density Polyethylene (LDPE)

AVH Polychem specializes in providing a comprehensive range of low-density polyethylene granules. We are one of the prominent polyethylene suppliers, traders, and exporters of LDPE granules. The LDPE granules we provide represent the low-density form of polyethylene. In contrast to HDPE, these granules offer a softer, more pliable texture. Their superior flexibility makes them particularly well-suited for a range of uses. With their opaque properties, LDPE granules are an excellent choice for packaging applications, including foils, trays, and plastic bags, catering to both food and non-food items. Moreover, they serve as effective coatings on paper, textiles, and various plastic surfaces. One of the notable features of our PE granules is their superior density. Plus, our product also offers a perfect boiling point and exceptional durability.
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Why to Choose AVH's LDPE Granules

AVH Polychem Pvt. Ltd. is a reputable wholesaler, supplier, and trader. We specialize in HDPE Granules, LDPE Granules, and LLDPE Plastic Granules, among others. Our products adhere to industry quality standards and are competitively priced.

We ensure top-notch quality by using premium materials and modern machinery. We rigorously test our products before delivery. Our dedicated quality control department ensures customer satisfaction by overseeing the entire procurement and delivery process.

We are recognized as industry leaders as we offer comprehensive polymer solutions and serve as a trusted Raw Plastic Material Supplier in India. We have a robust supply chain and multiple warehouses. We ensure prompt delivery of polymers for wholesale and retail needs. Thus, guaranteeing timely fulfilment of customer requirements.

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What are the accepted payment methods for purchasing LDPE granules?

Our Accepted payment methods for LDPE granules typically include bank transfers, credit/debit cards and online payment platforms. The payment methods may vary depending on the seller’s preference and the agreement between buyer and seller. It’s advisable to confirm accepted payment methods before making a purchase.

What is the typical lead time for delivery?

The typical lead time for delivery varies based on different factors like location, shipping method, and product availability. Generally, it ranges from a few days to a few weeks. Faster options like express shipping may offer delivery within days, while standard shipping might take longer. It’s advisable to contact our experts for accurate estimates.

How can I place an order for LDPE granules?

To order low-density polyethylene granules, you can locate LDPE granules traders/ suppliers online like AVH Polychem. Contact us via email or phone. Inquire about product availability, pricing, and minimum order quantities. Then, provide necessary details like quantity required, delivery location, and preferred payment method. Confirm order details, including delivery timeline and terms. Complete transactions securely.

Can you provide bulk discounts for larger orders?

Yes, we offer bulk discounts for larger orders. Discounts are based on the quantity purchased. Get in touch with our sales team for specific pricing tailored to your order size. We strive to provide competitive pricing for all our customers, regardless of order volume. Contact us to discuss your requirements and avail of bulk discounts.

Do you offer international shipping for LDPE granules?

Yes, international shipping is available for LDPE plastic granules. We ship globally to meet diverse market demands. Contact us for specifics on shipping rates and delivery times.

What are LDPE granules used for?

LDPE granules are versatile in industrial applications. They’re extensively used in manufacturing plastic products – thanks to their flexibility and durability features. You can find their application in bags, containers, and films. LDPE’s properties make it suitable for various packaging needs. Thus, it includes food packaging, medical supplies, and agricultural films. Additionally, it’s recyclable, and it contributes to sustainability efforts in plastic manufacturing.

How are LDPE granules different from other types of plastic?

LDPE granules, unlike other plastics, have low density, making them flexible and lightweight. They’re resistant to moisture and chemicals and suitable for packaging and films. Unlike HDPE, they have lower tensile strength but excel in flexibility. LDPE’s recycling poses challenges due to its composition. Overall, LDPE offers unique properties that are advantageous in various applications and are distinct from other plastic types.

Are LDPE granules safe for food packaging?

Yes, LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) granules are commonly considered safe for food packaging. LDPE is FDA-approved and doesn’t leach harmful chemicals into food. It’s resistant to moisture and chemicals, ensuring food freshness. However, proper food-grade certification and compliance with regulations must always be ensured to ensure safety standards are met throughout the packaging process.

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